Since earning my undergraduate degree I have been fortunate to have many experiences in teaching. As a high school teacher, college teaching assistant, participate in science outreach and a guest lecturer I have spent considerable time in front of diverse classrooms. Time spent as a student of teaching, including my Masters of Teaching coursework and many workshops, have provided me an invaluable toolbox for ensuring student learning my classroom. Through all of these experiences I have come to see the principles of good instruction to be ubiquitous, that is the basic techniques to ensure student learning are the same for high school students, undergraduates, or even adults.

To ensure high levels of student learning I believe it is important to set clear expectations, engage students in learning through student centered lectures and activities, and regularly assess learning to measure both students growth and my own efficacy as a teacher. Fundamentally I believe that all students can learn and meet my expectations, as a teacher it is my responsibility to provide the activities and lessons necessary for my students to fulfill my expectations.

On the subpages I describe my teaching philosophy, various teaching and outreach experiences, and teaching materials I have accumulated. Unfortunately, these pages are still under-construction and mainly contain place-holders that will be filled in over time.

The portfolio from my time teaching high school and at Johns Hopkins is available here.